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Just a week to go

Just a week to go to join the contest to become a rider sponsor at Havvys Farewell ...
Go to our donation page and sponsor Gary for £5 to receive a certificate with a chance to win this fantastic one of a kind package ..or two Tickets for the British GP at Cardiff...The Rider sponsorship is for Davey Watt and includes his signed Race Jacket and a special photo opportunity on the parade!



DOUBLE World Champion, Greg Hancock will be flying into Britain to take part in Gary Havelock’s Farewell meeting at Poole on Friday 21st March

The American legend, who teamed up with Poole mid-way through last season to help capture the league title, has agreed to make a one-off appearance at Wimborne Road in support of Pirates’ former captain who is delighted to be able to include him.

“I have been talking to Greg for some time and he has always assured me that there was a ninety percent chance that he would be able to come, but he needed to wait to make sure he could accommodate us in his busy schedule. As he is coming specifically for us, he needed flights for him and his mechanic, who he has also booked for the occasion. We are very grateful to Karen, Andy and Bo at County Crest Pallets who have agreed to sponsor him on the night which has helped us to make that possible”.

Now Havvy is only one rider short of completing his line-up and is hoping to be able to announce the final part of the jigsaw very soon. “The final preparations are about to go into overdrive” says Havvy, as the auction to become an assistant to Tony Rickardsson or Mark Loram finishes on EBay at midday tomorrow.

One thing is certain; the night is already shaping up to be a night to remember and one that will be a fitting tribute to one of Britain’s finest!

Confirmed Riders: Chris Holder, Darcy Ward, Greg Hancock, Freddie Lindgren, Scott Nicholls, Maciej Janowski, Chris Harris, Bjarne Pedersen, Craig Cook, Davey Watt, Vaclav Millik, Ty Proctor, Richie Worrall.



Havvy is delighted to confirm that the line-up for his spectacular farewell meeting at Poole on Friday March 21st is almost complete.

The meeting, which is set to pitch Poole’s “Turbo Twins” of Chris Holder and Darcy Ward into battle as opposing number ones, has amassed a mouth-watering field of riders including SGP regulars, Freddie Lindgren and Chris Harris as well as former stars of the GPs Scott Nicholls and Bjarne Pedersen, not to mention the two Team Managers Tony Rickardsson and Mark Loram who have 7 World titles between them!

The 2014 Pirates will be well represented too, with Maciej Janowski, and Vaclav Millik also being named.

“We have 12 of the 14 riders all confirmed and ready to go” says a jubilant Havvy.

“We plan some great things to coincide with the event, as well, some of which we have been keeping secret; I am just so grateful to all the riders, sponsors, supporters and friends who have rallied to make the event into something really special, I can’t wait for 21st March. We have a couple of names still to announce so watch this space for some more news very soon”.

The event will include a tribute to some of Havvy’s former colleagues on the track and invitations are going out to many famous names in the hope that they can join in with the “Farewell to Britain’s Finest”

The Line up so Far: Chris Holder, Darcy Ward, Freddie Lindgren, Scott Nicholls, Maciej Janowski, Chris Harris, Bjarne Pedersen, Craig Cook, Davey Watt, Vaclav Millik, Ty Proctor, Richie Worrall.



IN a stunning salute to one of their old team-mates, Pirate speedway legends and world champions, Tony Rickardsson and Mark Loram have agreed to take charge of opposing teams at Gary Havelock’s Farewell Meeting at Poole on Friday, March 21.
With eight world titles between Havvy, T-Rick and Loramski, the 1992 world champ is delighted to have the two Dorset track giants on parade in charge of the teams.
Havvy admitted: “I had five wonderful years riding for Poole and during that time Mark and Tony were at the club at different spells and were absolutely adored by Pirates fans – winning races for fun.”
“This was one of the major surprises we had up our sleeve, that Tony and Mark had agreed to come to my last meeting and act as team bosses for opposing sides.
“For Tony, this is a huge commitment. It’s all arranged and he is bringing along his family too.
“The same goes for Mark who has organised his diary to attend.
“It was one of the reasons why it was important that the date was set in stone.”
And in an extra treat for speed fans, the two speedway legends have agreed to allow an opportunity for supporters to bid in an auction to be their assistants at the meeting - a chance of a lifetime and a massive boost for Gary’s fundraising hopes.
Also, as a subtitle to the meeting of ‘farewell to Britain’s finest’, Gary has invited several of his former team mates to join in the evening including greats such as Joe Screen, Andy Smith, Dean Barker and David Norris. He hopes to get them on a bike again for a final lap and allow fans to salute many of the country’s great servants of the shale.
There was unanimous approval for Havelock’s announcement as Pirates’ fans, along with the majority of his fans in Britain, had taken to social media blasting the decision to move the Elite Riders Championship to the same day.
In a message to speedway and sports fans following the response, Havelock added: “I am overwhelmed with the support I have received in the last few days.
“To all the fans, up and down the country, my friends and also the riders who have pledged their support, I can’t thank you all enough for sticking by me.
“Without your incredible backing I wouldn’t have been able to do this – and I am hugely proud that on Friday, March 21 I will be able to share a special day with my family (my wife and two girls) and my extended family (speedway).
“I am finally able to name Chris Holder, Darcy Ward, Freddie Lindgren, Martin Vaculik, Chris Harris, Ty Proctor, Bjarne Pedersen, Craig Cook and Richie Worrall as starters.
“I have some other names also up my sleeve, but more will be revealed about them later and it won’t stop there. I have other surprises in store”.
It just remains for Havvy to have a break in the weather – with a request for dry conditions on March 21 and to allow the sun to set on one of speedway’s all-time greats.